The revolution that is sweeping the nation

The History of the GREATEST game ever

You all heard of Rock Paper Scissors or RPS. Simple game played with one hand where players throw one of three possible choices; Rock (closed fist), Paper (hand flat) or Scissors (top two index fingers extended and spread apart). Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper and Paper beats Rock. Well, that is a fun game and deffinitly has gained popularity over the years, though some find that the game is starting to get old; they require something new, something exciting. That is where HPV comes into play.

First off HPV does NOT stand for Human Papilloma Virus. HPV stands for Hand, Penis, Vagina, a sexual version of Rock, Paper, Scissors though same basic concept. Players still throw one of three possible choices. Hand (straight out like you are about to shake someone's hand), Penis (top two index fingers extended, but NOT kept apart Kayla . .), and Vagina (Hand curled up like grasping a pole). The Hand beats the Penis off, the Penis stimulates the Vagina until an orgasm occurs, and the Vagina engulfs the Hand. When playing HPV instead of shouting Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT you say Hand, Penis, Vagina, SHOOT.

HPV was created by 2 High School students on September 20th 2007 one day during school. They thought that they needed a way to pass time during classes and they came up with HPV.

Below are the proper hand motions for

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